Program Description

HLC is partnering with Student Cultural Exchange to provide a Lacrosse and Service trip to Costa Rica open to High School age participants within our program, including those graduating in the year 2024, 2023, 2022, and 2021.  Participants will participate in a variety of activities, including youth lacrosse clinics, lacrosse games, construction and/or clean-up projects, painting and other handyman activities, and adventure activities including surfing and zip-lining.  Through a combination of these adventure, service, and lacrosse-based activities we aim to develop team building and leadership skills, become immersed in a foreign culture to learn more about a different way of life, grow the game, and to improve the infrastructure and environment of Samara, Costa Rica.


Here is a link to additional program info: HLC Summer 2020 Lacrosse and Service Proposal

Here is a link to a video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rrHm1uF0NA&feature=youtu.be


Payment Information

Trip cost:  $1800

Deposit due to reserve your spot:  $1000

Your spot is not confirmed until the deposit and all application paperwork is received.  We will contact you when your spot is confirmed.

Remaining Balance, due by July 1st, 2020:  $800 + costs of airfare, TBD.


Trip Registration

We can take a minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 28.


There are 3 parts needed to register for the trip:


If you would like to use a credit card, that can be done with an online payment using the registration link.  If you would like to avoid credit card processing fees, you will still need to register online, but instead of entering your credit card info when prompted in the system, you can write a check made out to HZRPC and send it to Jenn Gillispie at 16 Stablers Court, Parkton, MD 21120.


Once all 3 registration elements have been completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your player is registered, and they will be included in all of the fundraising opportunities where they can earn funds to cover the cost of their trip.  If a participant earns enough through fundraising, the deposit (full or partial depending on how much is earned) would be refunded. Sample fundraising opportunities are outlined below.


Fundraising Opportunities

Each player, team, and HLC as a whole will be given fundraising opportunities to build a “bank” of funds directed towards trip costs, held by HLC.  These opportunities are optional and will be communicated.  If you choose to participate, HLC will record your participation and allot you an equal share of the proceeds in your bank.  Some of these activities may include:


USL Concession Stand

Holiday Wreath Making Fundraiser Event

HLC Online Campaign (GoFundMe)

Item Sales

Raffle Tickets


If an individual would like to organize a fundraising event, that individual will automatically receive 10% of the proceeds off the top towards their bank.  The remaining proceeds will be split between those who participated in the event.


You organize a car wash.  HLC promotes it and offers the opportunity for participants to work the event.  A profit of $500 = $50 in your participant’s bank, and the remaining $450 split evenly between all those who worked at the car wash.  If 5 players participate in running the car wash, including yours, $50 (10% off the top) + $90 (your participants equal share) = $140 goes to your player’s bank, held by HLC.



You host an in person or online direct sales party to direct funds to those traveling with your team (i.e. Stella & Dot, Young Living, Perfectly Posh, etc.)  Since no travelers can be directly involved (i.e. “work”) in this type of event, the profit will be split between all travelers in the group you designate with 10% coming off the top toward your traveler’s bank.  A profit of $700 = $70 to your traveler’s bank, with the remaining $630 split between all travelers from your team.  You can indicate the group you’re fundraising for, but the larger the group, the more people will promote it.



Events like “Chipotle Night” or “CPK Night” where there is no way to track the impact of any one direct participant will be evenly divided between all travelers.

Online fundraising (GoFundMe) will be set up by HLC with the opportunity for donors to direct their giving towards individual players, teams, or all travelers.


All fundraising should be pre-approved by HLC to insure consistence of messaging and appropriate disbursement of funds.  All funds should be submitted to HLC for bank management.

Upon closing of all fundraising activities, final balances will be communicated and are due upon receipt of this information.  Those that raise enough to cover their flight + the $1800 trip cost will be reimbursed.  HLC Bank status will be available to you at any time.


If you have any questions, please email Jenn at jenngillispie@gmail.com.