High School Teams – We are focused on providing our players with a first class lacrosse
experience that will allow players to develop, improve their skill set and overall knowledge of
lacrosse, all while playing at the most competitive club events we can find in order to get our
players as many opportuniites to be recruiited as possible.

Young Bucks – Inspire young lacrosse players to love the game of lacrosse in an up-tempo, fun
and high energy environment while developing both their skills and their character. We love
the game of lacrosse and hope to inspire that love in the next generation of athletes here in the
northern capital region through hard work, dedication to the game and the best coaches we
can find. Additionally, we intend on scheduling top level events at each level in order to
provide young players the experience of playing at demanding and difficult events.
Coaches Note – People get better when they love what they do — our overall number 1 goal is
to inspire our players to love this game and believe in themselves. On top of that we hope to
provide an avenue for our players to play at the next level, if they are capable of that goal we
will help find them a home.