• A superior product at a reasonable price in order to achieve a successful rate of return for each family.  We will have 3-5 coaches per team.  All will be certified by US Lacrosse. 
  • We will have 3-5 US Lacrosse certified coaches per team.  Each team’s coaching staff will have a mix of highly experienced and younger coaches, including post-collegiate and professional players.  Most team’s coaches will have 50 or more years of collective playing and coaching experience – a huge benefit to players!
  • Practices held at Team USA’s facility at US Lacrosse’s headquarters in Sparks, Hereford Middle and High Schools and Genesee Valley OLC. 
  • Whole-player approach to athlete development and to follow the best practices as suggested by the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) created by US Lacrosse: https://www.uslacrosse.org/athlete-development/athlete-development-model
  • Local relationships with college coaches and specialized coaching talent to deliver on our commitment to developing our players. 
  • An exceptional lacrosse experience for our HLC players and families by competing year-round in top competitive lacrosse tournaments during the summer and fall.

A 3-phased player development model that will provide a progressive structure for skill development and competitive play at every age level, from Youth through High School:

o   Phase 1: Youth initiative 5th grade and under: To develop the multi-sport youth athlete in a competitive structure

o   Phase 2: Middle School initiative 6th grade to 8th grade: To develop the multi-sport middle school athlete to competitively be ready for High School.

o   Phase 3: High School initiative 9th grade-11th grade: To develop and provide high school players who wish to play lacrosse at the collegiate level gain appropriate visibility to the college recruiting process and provide players and their parents a resource to help evaluate post-high school lacrosse opportunities.

         A board focused on key areas, such as coach development, player development, recruitment, and skill clinics/events. Throughout the year, the board constantly meets and discusses the current lacrosse environment and how to continually improve the lacrosse experience for our players.