Why Club lacrosse?

Limelight ground ball

Playing for a club team offers several benefits for a youth athlete compared to playing for a recreational team, such as:

  1. Higher level of Competition: Club teams usually participate in higher level leagues and tournaments, where athletes can face stronger opponents, allowing them to challenge themselves and improve their skills.
  2. Professional Coaching: Club teams usually have professional coaches who provide specialized training and guidance to athletes, which can lead to faster development and better performance.
  3. Practice and Game Schedule: Club teams usually have a more consistent practice and game schedule, which helps athletes to develop good habits, routines, and time management skills.
  4. College Recruiting: Playing for a club team can provide more exposure to college and professional scouts, which can increase an athlete's chances of being recruited.
  5. Team bonding and socialization: Club teams often provide more opportunities for team bonding and socialization than recreational teams, as they may travel together for games and tournaments, and participate in team-building activities.

It is important to note that playing for a club team may require more commitment, time, and money compared to playing for a recreational team, and may not be the best fit for every athlete. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the athlete's goals, skill level, and personal preferences.